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What Works for Me

I know some teens think that having unprotected sex is no big deal, because they don’t think STIs or unplanned pregnancy will happen to them. I understand your thinking process. I was also that kid who believed I’d never catch anything or that gross things like STIs wouldn't happen to anyone I knew. Then my mother opened the floodgates and taught me everything about sex education and the consequences of having unprotected sex.

I was 13 years old and totally freaked out when my mother taped a poster of every single STI that exists on my bedroom wall. Extreme I know…BUT being given that opportunity to learn about safe sex as well as the dangerous and life threatening consequences of unprotected sex truly changed my opinion of the that icky word “contraception.”

 As I write this, it’s prom season, so everyone’s getting all pretty for their dates and maybe thinking about making some decisions when it comes to having sex. Not everyone is having sex, but EVERYONE who decides to become sexually active should be fully educated as to how to protect themselves.

I also understand that many teens believe they can’t get an STI. Not to burst your bubble here, but if you have a body then you can catch a sexually transmitted disease if you DON'T PROTECT YOURSELF. If you come into contact with another person’s bodily fluids the germs will find you, regardless of what you may think. So before that happens make sure to talk to your partner about what methods of contraception you want to use so both of you are safe!

I’m starting college in the fall, and have gone the extra mile to learn what I can and stay up to date on what contraception works best for me. I personally use the Depo-Provera shot. Once every three months I got to the doctor for a new shot; I get a little prick in the arm and boom! I’m protected against pregnancy for three months. Not that I don’t love babies I just understand that I am too young and not ready to have a child right now.

So before you start getting comfy and cozy after prom, and clothing starts coming off, seriously think about what you are doing and what protection you have in place.

As always have fun and STAY SAFE!

Author: Clarissa B.
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