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There's No Timeline for Sex

Sex is serious. It seems that with each coming generation it becomes less of big deal. Call me old fashioned but I feel that sex is something that shouldn’t be brushed off. Sex is the most intimate thing you can do with another person so it should still deserve your time to think about it and make sure you are making the right decision. I am in no way saying that people should never have sex or never even think about it. I believe if you feel you are ready and it is with someone you love and know you can count on then sex could be an option. But also if you are you with someone whom you love and know will be there for you and your still not ready that is perfectly normal as well.

Since sex is serious it should not have a timer attached to it. Just because you have been with a person for certain amount of time doesn’t mean by a certain month or week that you should have had sex already. These decisions are going to be different for everyone and they should be. My decision should be different from my best friend and it shouldn’t matter if it is before or after her. My timeline is set by me and who I am with only. It is not anyone else’s business or concern to tell me when I am ready.  All decisions should be okay with YOU. Most people would agree that the consequences that come with sex are serious enough that sex should be taken with the utmost care. If sex didn’t have any repercussions then everything would be a lot different. Understanding all emotional and physical consequences of sex is very important. No one wants to be surprised when it comes to anything that intimate. Even if you think you know everything about sex and preventing pregnancy it doesn’t it any less serious.

Most of my friends think the same way I do, sex is serious. We think that it depends on the person and how long you have been together and whether or not you truly love them. We believe in the love aspect. None of my friends and I take this decision lightly. But I cannot say this for people in my grade or my school. Every place you go whether it be high school or college, there is going to be a diverse range of people who have their own personal beliefs on sex. But the best thing you can do is stick to your guns and don’t even let a best friend sway you because their reasons are not yours.

Have you ever felt like you needed to compare yourself to others when I came to sex and dating? Did you feel pressure from your friends? Or were you able to make your own choices?


Author: Mollie M.
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