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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)—the name pretty much says it all, right? STIs are infections that you catch through sexual contact. There are a lot of different STIs and their treatment, symptoms, and severity depend the disease itself…some of them are curable with a little medicine. Some, like herpes, have no cure and will stick with you for the rest of your life. One thing they all have in common, though? You don’t want to get any of them. So, if you’re sexually active, you have to be sure to use a condom—male or female—in addition to any other birth control method you use every single time you have sex. Condoms are the only birth control that prevents pregnancy AND STIs, so don’t think that you can skip it “just this once.” There are a lot of myths and bad info about STIs and how to prevent them. This section has a ton of resources that will help clear the air and keep you safe. 

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