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What Kind of Birth Control Girl Are You?

We’re lucky that we live in a time when there are SO many birth control methods available.  But so many options can also mean total confusion when it comes to choosing one.  Not sure which to pick?  Take this quiz for guidance. 

1. I’m the kind of girl who would forget my head if it weren’t attached to my body.  The idea of having to remember to do something on a regular basis is super unappealing. 

True  (Go to question 5).

False  (Go to question 2).

2. I like the idea of dealing with birth control daily, and know that I’m good with routines.

True  (The Pill—which you take once a day at the same time every day— might be the right choice for you.)

False  (Go to question 3).

3. I want to see my birth control—just to really know it’s working!  And, I’m comfortable dealing with birth control once a week. 

True (The Patch might be the right choice for you—you only change it once a week, though you have to be consistent about changing it at the same time.)

False  (Go to question 4).

4. I’m really comfortable with my vagina, and the idea of putting things up there is fine by me.

True (The Ring—that you change once a month—could be right for you.)

False (Go on to question 5).

5. The possible weight gain side effect isn’t that scary to me, I’m able to think about birth control once every three months, and I don’t mind getting a shot from my doctor.

True (The Depo shot could be right for you.)

False (Go to question 6).

6. The idea of having my doctor put a long lasting birth control in me (that I’d have to go back to my doctor to remove) is A-OK! Set it and forget it! I have better things to worry about the next few years.

True (Go on to question 7).

False (Go back to question 2 and try again.  Hint: If you’re deciding between two things that you’re not crazy about, just choose the option that feels best, even if it’s not perfect.)

7. Hey Doc, you can put something in my arm, but please stay away from my vagina.

True (The Implant—which goes into the arm—could be right for you).

False  (Go on to question 8).

8. The thought of hormones in my body makes me cringe but I still want something really effective and long lasting!

True (The Paragard IUD could be a good option for you.)

False (The Mirena or Skyla IUD could be good options for you.)

Of course, this quiz is no substitute for a good chat with your doc (need a health care provider? Check out our Clinic Locator to find a clinic or doc nearby), but might get the ball rolling.  Ask your doctor about these options and discuss which one would be the best for you. And of course, using a condom along with any one of these you choose is always your best protection.  Plus, condoms are the only method of birth control that help protect against STIs

Author: Amber M.
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