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Signs It's Time to Break Up

They (whoever they are) always say to never give up. But especially with relationships, sometimes it’s just time to quit. Wondering if your relationship has hit its expiration date? Read the following advice to decide for sure:

You don’t trust your partner. Trusting another person can be difficult, and you may need to do some soul searching to figure out if you don’t trust your partner because of you or because of them. But if your trust issues are a result of how your partner acts or things they’ve done, then you may not be in the best relationship. If deep down your gut is telling you that you’re with a person you shouldn’t trust, then it may be time to end it. 

You partner makes you feel bad about yourself. Yes, there are all times in fights when your partner might say something mean. Or times when something they do makes you insecure. But look at the general trend of how they make you feel. Do they make you feel special and good about who you are? Or do they always seem to be putting you down or getting upset or frustrated with you? Relationships should be a source of strength, not something that whittles away at your self-esteem. 

You’re bored. Relationships should be exciting, and you should really enjoy being around your bf/gf. Boredom is a sign that you might not have found a good match. Of course finding someone who is nice and treats you well is a non-negotiable. But it’s also a non-negotiable that you have fun being with your partner and enjoy talking to them. You deserve to be with someone you find interesting. And please note, interesting is not a synonym for “hard to get.” There are plenty of really sweet guys and girls out there who are dedicated partners and also really fun to be around. 

You’re thinking about cheating. If you’re starting to have feelings for someone else that’s a surefire sign that the relationship is not in a good place. Instead of giving into temptation, make a decision about the relationship you’re in currently BEFORE starting to pursue something with somebody else. Yes, the idea of breaking up with someone can be incredibly intimidating. But look at it this way: your partner deserves to be with someone who is really into them. If that’s not you, that’s okay. But then you have to set them free and let them find someone else. 

You’re bitter. This is what bitterness looks like: always feeling annoyed, saying negative things about whatever your partner does or says, and constantly wanting to roll your eyes. If you are bringing a lot of negativity to the relationship it could be because you’re feeling stuck, resentful about being in it, or upset at how your partner is treating you. The feelings you have for your partner should be warm ones, not ones of resentment or disgust. 

Facing a break up is daunting but you deserve to be happy. And if you’re truly not—and you don’t see the possibility to repair—then it’s time to move on. 

Author: Amber M.
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