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A Baby Can Change Everything

Growing up, my sister and I spent a lot of time together because she was the one who always babysat me while our mom was working. But that drastically changed when she became pregnant at 17. Our relationship completely changed because instead of her always being around me she was suddenly not there as much, and I think being only 4 when she was pregnant it was difficult for me to understand the whole situation. As a kid, I know I loved my baby niece but at the same time I was in a way jealous because before that I was the center of attention with my sister. Being so young at the time my sister got pregnant, our relationship was forever changed in a way; it brought us closer and separated us at the same time.

My family didn’t know how to handle the situation since we never had that happen before and my sister was the oldest girl. My mom of course was upset because she saw so much potential in my sister, and was partly in shock. I was so young I was more confused because she suddenly wasn’t there and I didn’t exactly understand what was happening or why. We didn’t know how to cope, but in the end we all came together to welcome the baby.

Having a baby so young is of course a struggle because everything—your financial, educational, and personal relationships—change. My sister had to grow up very fast, and couldn’t do things that most teen girls would be able to do. She couldn’t go to prom, or other high school events that most teens got to do. She had to learn to become independent and be able to support her daughter. Also having kids so young can affect personal relationships; the relationship between she and I changed, the relationship between her and the father of the baby changed….She did an amazing job raising my nieces and nephew because they all came out well loved, provided for, and taught right from wrong but it was an incredibly difficult journey.

I believe my sister was meant to be a mom because she is so good at it, and naturally knew what her kids—and even I—needed. My sister getting pregnant changed my life because it made me see the struggles of teen moms and know I wouldn’t want to be in that position, and It inspired me to succeed in school, and life. My sister getting pregnant gave me an early knowledge about how to be safe with relationships and with sex.

Author: Daisy F.
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