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4 Reasons Why This Teen Is Saying Thanks, Birth Control!

Can we get real for a second? Some teens are doing "it". You know, sex! Even my friends, who are choosing to wait, have thought about it! Birth control gives me the power to decide what I want for my future! And the only thing in my near future is a Netflix and chill date (after the pill of course) with that cutie from 4th period—oh and mastering my inner Beyoncé.  

In honor of #ThxBirthControl Day on November 15th, I'm sharing 4 reasons why I'm saying "thanks, birth control". 

1. The only thing I feel qualified to care for at this point in my life is Cookie, my cat. 

Call me a bad cat parent, but sometimes I forget to feed her. To be honest, I'd rather watch The Fosters or East Los High than speak daily affirmations to a small, constantly shedding, almost human whose "meow" could mean a hundred different things. I mean come on. We've all watched shows like Teen Mom and Unexpected. Being a teen parent is hard AF, and quite frankly ain't nobody got time for that!  

Which leads me to my second point.... 


2. Ain't nobody got time for that!  

I just so happen to be in the process of chasing my dreams. And honestly, at this point in the process, I can barely wake up on time for 1st period. Between dates with my pillow, studying for the SAT, and generally glowing tf up—I have no time. There are only 24 hours in the day and we can't be all be Beyoncé!  

3. Pizza is life. 

I imagine that one day I will love someone (other than my parents and Cookie) as much as I love pizza. But, that day has yet to come. I once had someone tell me that love develops organically. Seven months passed and they still hadn't asked me out on a date. I eventually got the hint. The point here is that we shouldn’t rush these things, you know. One day (or maybe not, thanks to birth control I decide if and when!) I willl wake up at 3AM with the faintest smile, and walk into a nursey to feed a screaming baby—and I'll get joy from that. But until that day comes, the only thing I'm okay with at 3AM is sluggishly walking to the fridge for left over pizza to feed my face.  


4. Babysitting duty is all the exercise I need!  

You try running behind your six-year-old niece and four-year-old nephew, while balancing their chubby 5-month-old sister, who is strapped to your waist and throwing off your equilibrium! Yeah I burn more calories babysitting than I do while practicing with my team.  

The only kid chasing and baby-balancing I want to do right now is with kids who are returnable. Seriously, when my sister gets back from her date nights, I pick up each kid and say "returning to sender." I then proceed to run out the door.  


I'm just a teen, I have no clue where I want to fall on the "Cardi B-Obama Spectrum". I know for a fact that I want be great. Maybe I'll be a reality tv star turned overnight rapping sensation, or maybe I'll be a president who ensures that birth control is accessible for all. Birth control gives me the power to decide where I fall on that spectrum. We can't all be Beyoncé, but birth control gives me the opportunity to at least try!  


Thanks, birth control!  

Author: dboyd_1064
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