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Curious if you can get pregnant if you have sex underwater? While on your period? If you jump up and down right after? The answer is usually: YES (if you're having unprotected sex then it's definitely yes...it it's protected, you're a bit safer but there are still risks). Check out this week's Ask Us Anything where we answer all your best "Can I Get Pregnant If..." questions!

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Can I still get pregnant even if he only stuck his tip in, he did not ejaculate, and he peed before (which apparently kills sperm so there wouldn’t be any in the pre cum) it happened?

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Can I get pregnant if our genitals touched, but he’d didn’t come or penetrate me?

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Can I get pregnant if he puts a condom on at the end but not the beginning?

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Can I still have my period if I think I'm pregnant?

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Can you get somebody pregnant if you came but you both were still dressed? There wasn't any contact with the penis and vagina alone?

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I only plan on having sex once before I marry. If she uses the patch as a backup (along with a condom), will she always have to wear it after one time? Or for only a certain time?

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There are a lot of sex and birth control myths out there. Not sure if that crazy thing you heard is true? Tell us your myths and we'll tell you fact or fiction! 

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates while we are in a hot tub?

No! If a man ejaculates into a pool, it is extremely unlikely that a woman will get pregnant. Pools and Jacuzzis have chlorine and other chemicals, so sperm don’t stand a chance for more than a couple of seconds out on their own.

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Do you use a condom in the shower?

Yes, you should use a condom for shower sex. As long as the condom doesn’t break it will still provide the same level of STI protection.

However, using a condom when water is involved can be more complicated.  The best thing is to put the condom on before getting in water. Soaps, conditioners and shampoos are typically oil based which can weaken the condom so be wary of bubble baths and water with similar additives. Water can also wash away the vagina’s natural lubrication, which means you run a higher chance of the condom breaking, discomfort, and even infection. You can try water or silicone based lubrication, but you’ll have to do your best to make sure it doesn’t get washed away.

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Is "doubling up" more safe?

Wearing two condoms (a.k.a. doubling up) is NOT safer! In fact, because the condoms will create friction with each other, using two condoms actually makes them more likely to break. When it comes to condoms one is the magic number: one time use, one per use.

The only kind of “doubling up” that makes sex safer is when you use two different types of birth control. The safest sex uses a male or female condom in addition to another method of birth control.

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If you take birth control pills for over a long period of time can it cause problems for having kids in the future?

No, continuous use of the birth control pill will not cause problems with future fertility. There's been lots of research on birth control pills over the years and the consensus is that long-term use doesn't affect your ability to get pregnant once you stop taking the pill. It's always a good idea to stay current on your annual health exams, whether you use the pill or another method. Our health changes over time, so it’s important to use a method that is the best for your body.

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How long can sperm live in the vagina?

Sperm can live in the vagina for up to five days (which is why you CAN get pregnant during your period)! Jumping up and down, rinsing out your vagina, or urinating after sex won’t get rid of the sperm, which is why it’s important to use birth control every time you have sex.

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Is the pull out method effective?

The pull out method by itself not super-effective and it doesn’t protect from STIs—in fact, 22 out of 100 couples who use only pulling out (also called withdrawal) to prevent pregnancy will have a pregnancy within a year.

Withdrawal is difficult to get exactly right, especially consistently, since it requires a lot of self-control. The point it, there are way more reliable methods available. Some couples pull out in addition to using another method of birth control so they can be extra careful to avoid pregnancy—which is way safer than using just one method alone. Consider using a condom to protect you and your partner from STIs and as an additional form of birth control.  

Explore all methods by cost and effectiveness with the birth control explorer.

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Can you get an std through oral sex?

Do you have to get an exam down there to start birth control?

Nope! Depending on your provider, your medical history, and the type birth control you’re looking to get, it may not be necessary for you to have a gynecological exam to receive birth control. Without a physical exam it’s extra important to make sure you’re being open, honest and asking a lot of questions about birth control to make sure you’ll pick the right method for you.

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Is it true that STis will stick with you forever?

Not in all cases. Many STIs can be cured with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, and when treated properly, these cured STIs often have no lasting negative health effects. And while viral STIs like HIV and herpes can’t be cured like bacterial STIs, they can be treated with medication. The sooner you get tested, the sooner you can get treated and start managing any symptoms you may have.

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