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Saying No is No Problem

You’re getting hot and heavy and everything is fine…until it isn’t. What happens when you—or your partner—want to stop the action but the other person is still good to go? Consent is a major aspect of learning the ins and outs of relationships.

If you're not OK with it (and it means anything) then DO NOT DO IT. Relationships that are truly loving and supportive involve a level of maturity that not everyone haslet's be honest here! If you’re in a situation where you're pressured to do something you're not ready to do sexually, take a moment and think about the person you're dating. Safe and healthy relationships allow you to feel completely comfortable and free to make whatever decisions you choose to make without judgment.

Therefore if your partner pressures you into any type of activity, especially something sexual, then they do not have common sense and do not value your safety or your feelings. When I was a high school freshman, I decided to make out with a senior boy. I really thought he was into me, but it turned out he just thought I could be easily manipulated. I realized he didn't value my safety or respect me; he constantly tried to pressure me into doing things I didn’t want to do. Thankfully I eventually figured this out and started ignoring his text messages and refusing to hang out with him. Consent is key and if I'm not with it then it is not happening! I realize that is easier said than done though.

Imagine it's your first love and you get in a place where you are uncomfortable with the progression of things, but your partner thinks differently. A conversation must be had; you have to communicate with your significant other that you are not ready. If they see your point, respect your boundaries, and communicate their feelings, then congrats—you are in a positive relationship with an understanding partner! However... if they do not listen to you or respect your boundaries then you should reflect on if this person is right for you. If they do not respect your opinions or belittle you because of it, then red flags should pop up.

You are a young adult and you deserve to be with someone who respects you and sees consent as the most important part of your relationship. You are not alone in this. Find what is best for you, and realize that you deserve someone who respects your space.

Author: Clarissa B.
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