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Guys Don’t Only Want to Have Sex

Guys often get a bad rap for being the ones who pressure their girlfriends into having sex. So it may surprise you to know that a lot of guys (8 out of 10 if you want to get exact) say that they feel pressured by their friends, the media, even girls, to get busy doing “it”.

While there are a few guys who don’t think they need to be in a relationship to have sex, almost twice as many guys say they would rather be in a relationship without sex than have sex but no real girlfriend.

It’s also important to remember that real intimacy and sex aren’t the same things. Being close to a person means really getting to know all about them, developing a deep level of trust, learning to rely on that person, sharing mutual goals for the future, respecting each other’s differences, and so much more.  Here’s the secret—intimacy is way more than just physical stuff. And it’s nice to know that guys think this is important, too.

Why do you think guys feel pressure to have sex before they’re ready? Is it the media’s portrayal of boys as sexual aggressors? Is it their friends, who judge them on how many girls they’ve gotten (or said they’ve gotten, as the case most often is)? Do you think girls pressure guys to have sex? Do you know anyone who was turned down by a guy who wanted to get to know her better

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Author: Michelle H.
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