Level Up: An Epic Swiping Adventure

Can you navigate through the different challenges and avoid making risky decisions? Put your swiping skills to the test in our new game!

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

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Throughout the month of May, we stop and take a second to ask: how might teen pregnancy affect our lives? Whether it means delaying your goals, changing your life plan, or simply taking on something really, really tough—like becoming a parent—right in the middle of a time in your life when you already have so much going on.

So this May, we want you to stop and think about...wait for it...sex. Ever think about it? Of course you do…who doesn’t? What about actually having sex? What will you do when you’re in that situation? The best time to think about how you’d handle something risky is before it actually happens. Will you say no? If so, how will you say it? And if you do go all the way, how will you protect yourself and your future?

Start by playing our amazing new game, Level Up: An Epic Swiping Adventure. Can you navigate through the different challenges and avoid making risky decisions? To take it to the next level of your relationship, you're going to have to be prepared! Put your swiping skills to the test and see if you can Level Up! When you’re done there, make sure to take the National Day Quiz to test your smarts even further! Want to talk more? Use this discussion guide (English and Spanish) to start a conversation with your friends, classmates, or parents about sex and pregnancy and how these issues affect your life.
This month is more than just thinking about teen pregnancy or how that might affect your life. It’s realizing that we all have the power to decide our futures and if, when, and under what circumstances we start a family. So join us this May—whether you play Level Up, take the Quiz, start a conversation with friends about sex, or all of the above, your voice matters!

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