A Letter to Teen Parents

Dear Teen Parents —

Thanks for stopping by StayTeen.org—we’re glad you decided to check us out. We know that you work very hard to support yourself and your children, and we think it’s great that you’ve come here to get more information.

We’ve got lots of great info on healthy relationships, contraception options, frequently asked questions about tons of things, and even a homework help area (coming soon!), so look around and let us know if you can’t find what you need.

On another note, we know that our message might unintentionally offend teen parents—we hope that you don’t take our message the wrong way. While your experiences as a teen parent may be very positive, we know that the majority of teen moms and dads have an incredibly difficult road ahead for themselves and for their children. We are by no means trying to insult teen parents, but are instead hoping to help all teens realize the consequences of having children too early.

We know that you love your family very much and are working hard to support them while still doing all those things that make being a teen fun. Best of luck to you and your family!

Stay Teen

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