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East Los High: Build a Future Worthy of You

FINAL EPISODE! Wonder what will happen to the teens of East Los High? Find out now!

East Los High: Good Girls Don't

In this episode, it seems as if everything finally comes out.  That’s what I call a good episode!

East Los High: Your Time is Up

With the last episode ending so abruptly, I couldn’t wait to start this episode.  Luckily, everyone remains safe…for now.

East Los High: In Blood or Money

Wow!  A lot happen in this episode.  I don’t even know where to start, so how about we start right at the beginning of the episode.

East Los High: She Swallowed the Worm

On this episode of East Los High, the truth is revealed about Maya’s father and Ceci celebrates a birthday.  But of course, these events don’t come without drama.

East Los High: She's My Mother

What did you think of today's episode of East Los High? Not a dry eye in the house on our end.

East Los High: The Heart Always Knows

It’s a heartbreaking episode for the teens of East Los High.  Maya’s struggles with her addiction, Ceci’s struggles with the lack of support from Abe, there are talks about birth control, and the tear-jerking end of the episode.

East Los High: I Think She's Dead

Uh, what just happened?  That is my reaction to this episode.  So I’m just going to get right to the details.

East Los High: She Dumped you. Move on!

I can’t stop shaking my head at Maya.  We can see she isn’t going down a successful path anymore.  But her days at the club aren’t just affecting her.  Here is what happened on this episode of East Los High.

East Los High: I Don't Think I Can Do This

Well the wedding bells are ringing! And so are the bells of reality…

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