With all of the skimpy bikinis, songs about summer love, and free time, you would think keeping up a romance when school isn’t in session would be a breeze. But dating during the summer months comes with its own challenges. If you’re about to take the relationship you started during the school year into the summer, do yourself a favor and think through how you’ll approach some of the difficulties that are rarely discussed. 

During the year it’s easy to develop a routine that balances your life. Between class, your girlfriend, and every other extracurricular, things tend to sort themselves out time-wise. But with the warmer months this routine gets out of whack.

In the best-case scenario a couple might now have the opportunity to see one another every day of the summer. But this could easily lead to boredom and a loss of interest. In other words, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. All of sudden the overabundance of together-time could become a little suffocating. In other cases a couple maybe be separated for long stretches of the summer by family vacations or camp counselor jobs or any number of other things.

So how do prevent this relationship from getting scorched in the summer?

  • Set expectations. Whether you have the opportunity to be together endlessly or you’ll be on opposite coasts, you should have a conversation with your significant other discussing what it is you both want as things progress. You don’t have to set hard and fast rules about how much time you’ll spend together or how often you’ll stay in contact, but both parties should know what the other one needs.
  • Find a new balance. You shouldn’t let your girlfriend become the only thing in your life nor should you let her completely disappear. Fill this time with other interests and activities, but be sure to give your relationship the appropriate amount of attention. It may not happen at first but it’s something you should shoot for even if things shift again in September.
  • Accept the adjustments. Change doesn’t come easy for a lot of us. But if you really like this girl, adapt to the new situations. If the two of you are able to roll with the punches, then you’ll feel all the more stable and satisfied in your relationship. And if you two can’t cope with the changes, perhaps this wasn’t supposed to last forever and you’ll have the chance to start something new with another school year.  

The biggest thing should be not to let this summer romance stress you out. This is supposed to be your break from the rest of the year. There aren’t many summer vacations after being a teenager, so you’ve got to do what you can to enjoy the ones you get. 

Author: Colin A.
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