Lies My TV Told Me (and You)

If you listen to what TV, movies, and music tells you about relationships it all sounds pretty fake.  There’s either the couple who is super in love and is perfect, or there’s more drama than there is relationship. But if you’ve ever been in a stable relationship (and good for you if you have), you’ll know that it’s somewhere in the middle, hopefully closer to a perfect relationship than the drama. 


Valentine's Day: Under Pressure


Valentine’s day is here, and as my friends put it, “The pressure’s on.”  February 14th is a day filled with love and romance for many people, but it’s also the worst day of the year to be single. Which is why, for single teens like me, the previous statement is especially true. The pressure to find a valentine is definitely on. When you think about it, this day is filled with pressure for teens, single or not.

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