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Crushing, Dating, and Everything in Between

It's the season of love…cupids, hearts, schmoopy poems. So where do you stand? Are you in love? In like? None of the above? All is fair in love and war so ask us anything about your crush, your love life, or anything in between. 

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I made out with my friend's ex, and she confronted us. What should I do?

Getting between a friend and her ex can be a tricky situation and she’s probably feeling really hurt. She might think it’s too soon or her ex is off-limits, but the only way that you can know for sure what she’s thinking is to have an honest conversation with her. It’s tempting to hide your actions to protect your friend, but it can hurt even more if she finds out from someone else—which it sounds like she might have. Exes don’t have to be off-limits forever, but you owe it to your friend to be honest and figure out together if she can be okay with the hookup. If she still has feelings for her ex, you might need to decide if the new relationship is worth losing a friendship.

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This guy shows signs of flirting with me all the time (long eye contact, practical jokes, and Snapchat streaks). I’ve really liked him since the first day of school this year and now I find out I'm moving this summer. Should I go for it or not?

If you guys are crushing on each other then you should go for it—but you might want to set some ground rules first. You know that you’re moving over the summer, so it might be a good idea to talk about what you want out of the relationship to avoid hurt feelings. If you’re both comfortable with something short-term that’s totally okay, but make sure he knows that you’re moving because you guys should be on the same page before you jump into a relationship.

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I've heard that you're not supposed to get a salad on a date. But, I ate a lot of unhealthy food that day and I was in the mood for something healthy. Is it still rude to get a salad even if you really wanted one?

Not at all! Get what you want to eat on a date, if the person you’re dating has a problem with it they aren’t worth your time.

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