Teen Mom 2: Intensive Care

A lot of teenage girls think having a baby will make their relationship with the father stronger. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 fathers don’t stay with the teen mother of their child. This week on Teen Mom 2, a lot of the girls struggled with their relationships. Having a baby has complicated everything in Chelsea and Leah’s lives. Both of them are in relationships that have rocky foundations. Chelsea and Adam fought and broke up often, even before Aubree was born. Leah and Corey were only dating about a month before Leah became pregnant…Leah expected Corey to be a fun rebound from her breakup with longtime boyfriend Robbie, not her husband and father of her children. Relationships are even harder when there’s a baby to think about.

So Chelsea is back with Adam—again! Do you think this time it will last? Since she’s re-torn her ACL, Chelsea needs immediate surgery.  She decides to book her surgery in the middle of the week, a time when only Adam is available to take care of her and Aubree. Chelsea’s dad, Randy, thinks it a bad idea, since he doesn’t think Adam can be counted on to support mom and baby post-surgery. Do you think Randy is too hard on Adam? I think Adam may deserve this treatment, because he never sticks around for long. It seems like this whole surgery is a little bit of a test. Maybe if Adam can handle his girls, he can handle being a good dad, too?

At first, it doesn’t seem like Adam has too much control over his daughter. She’s pretty disruptive in the recovery room, especially when Chelsea is in a lot of pain and just coming out of anesthesia. I almost feel bad for Adam, because he just looks so lost. Adam is the teen dad on the show who looks most out of place with his child. His behavior proves he’s not sure what to do. He disappears and reappears because he hasn’t come to grips with his new role as a father. The rocky relationship he had with Chelsea only became worse after she got pregnant.

This week Leah said, “Corey and I never got a chance to enjoy each other. I wish we had time to date, then get married, then have kids.” Leah and Corey were parents together before they even knew each other. While some teens go on dates to restaurants or movies, Leah and Corey went to the doctor and bought diapers.  When you have sex with someone, you’re taking the risk that they will become your partner for life.

Some teen girls spend months picking out a prom dress, trying different hair styles, experimenting with different jewelry. Choosing a partner (and protection!) should take the same amount of time. A killer dress lasts one night, but a baby will be with you forever. Think about the consequences of sex before you get caught up in the moment. Choose your partner wisely, and plan for protection every time!


This post was written by Kate, an intern for The National Campaign. Kate is a senior at George Washington University, studying journalism and sociology. She loves theater and cooking, and eats mashed potatoes every single day. Have a question for Kate? Email us!




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