Teen Mom 2: Curveball

Everyone is already going through some pretty rough stuff this week on Teen Mom 2. Welfare, doctor’s appointments, surgery, and homelessness…these are some pretty big issues for anyone to handle, let alone a teenager. Having a baby has really changed the living situations for the girls on the show. Kailyn is struggling to find the resources to live on her own. Meanwhile, Jenelle is living in her car after her mother kicked her out.  

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was pretty shaken up during the fight between Kieffer and Jenelle. No matter what Jenelle does, he has no right to treat her so poorly. She complains that he doesn’t appreciate all the time, money, and love she gives him and she is very upset about his constant drug and alcohol abuse.  It’s funny, but that sounds a whole lot like what Barbara (Jenelle’s mom) says about Jenelle. So why can’t Jenelle recognize how her mother feels?

Kailyn finds a note in her room from her mom’s boyfriend saying she lives like trash. It’s sad that she can’t talk to her mom about it, since Kailyn says her mom has always sided with her boyfriends over her child. Living in a safe, comfortable environment is vital for both teens and growing babies, and so Kailyn decides she needs to find her own place, but has no idea how she can afford it. It’s scary for her to think about going on welfare, because she has too much pride but she eventually decides that it’s better to provide a safe home for her and Isaac than to refuse help. It’s great that she found a program so perfect for her situation. It’s not welfare, but an organization that helps homeless teens pay rent and build up savings for up to two years while they get back on their feet.

I’m sure Kailyn never expected to be a homeless teen. Having a baby changes your ability to be independent. Without a baby, Kailyn would have been living in a dorm or sharing an apartment with friends. Not all teen moms are as lucky as girls like Chelsea, who have supportive parents. Like Jenelle, some teen moms are forced to live in their cars or on friends’ couches. More than half of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teen. It’s almost impossible to support a baby on your own without a job, savings account, and stable home. Your teen years are the time to move around and try new things. Making a safe sex plan now will help you later on. 


This post was written by Kate, an intern for The National Campaign. Kate is a senior at George Washington University, studying journalism and sociology. She loves theater and cooking, and eats mashed potatoes every single day. Have a question for Kate? Email us!




Well this is so dumb , if you really llove someone you well let them go so your life can get better not worse with them , And thats stupid her step dad shoulndt left the note..


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